hello winter, you beautiful season! winter in my state is what they call "the cuddle weather". rain can be soothing sometimes when you're inside, covered in blankets with your cocoa, watching some dvd's with someone.. to cuddle with :) hehe. i love rainy season but i still do wish it snows here. these photos were taken back from spring break of '11 last year. i miss this! this was the first time i've traveled to california and this was my first time seeing snow! (so exciting!) it didn't matter we had to drive 3 hours to mt. baldy, at that time snow was almost gone. when we arrived i went and danced, threw snow balls, fell in to holes, soaked my boots wet, jumped, laughed and took a majillion pictures. i'm grateful for my family who took me, thank you! needless to say i. was. beyond. stoked.

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